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Virtual Home Staging

According to NAR statistics, staged homes sell faster and for more money than homes which aren’t.  Still, given the statistics the logistics of staging a home can be difficult and expensive.  There is always the question of: does the décor match the furniture and accessories added to the property?  There is the question of expense; is it fair to burden a seller with added expense of renting staged items on a vacant home where there are carrying costs? 

With those questions at the front of my mind, two weeks ago I went looking for a simple solution to the problem.  My mind immediately ran to the virtual world and the magic of Photoshop.  First off and since the market is rather slow, I thought that perhaps I’d learn how to create the illusion of a virtual stage on my own.  After one migraine headache and struggling well into the night, it became painfully clear that perhaps this isn’t the way to go right now. 

So, thus began my search for a virtual solution to vacant homes.  Viola, the answer was just a Google away, as it always is these days.  I came across two reasonably price companies that will in five to seven business days transform a stark, devoid photo of a room into a cozy virtual retreat.  The first photos are back and I must say I am very happy with them.  Let’s hope the market is too.

I have made certain to be very clear in my marketing that the photos are virtual representations of what the homes “could” look like. 

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