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Passion Is Important

Day to day I have the joy of meeting and working with so many wonderful people. I have countless clients and agents who have become some of my closest friends. I am amazed that folks can go from making a call to me expressing interest in a particular home, to actively seeking and buying a home to becoming dear friends. The experience is so very personal for me as a REALTOR. You see, I see it this way; I am helping people find their place and we all need a place.

My commission is to help people find a place to call their own. A place where they will be safe from whatever the world might be throwing at them. A place where they can lay their head at night, raise their children, love, eat, grieve for their losses, celebrate victories and milestones or just be. I innately understand all of those feelings wrapped up in finding a place called…home. I understand the importance of those feelings involved with identifying that warm soft snug harbor and the fact that home, means many different things to different people.

I’ve often said, “Every fanny has a seat,” and I meant it.

Sure mansions are terrific but so are subdivision homes, condos, townhomes and trailers. As varied as we are as human beings, as diverse as our tastes in clothing, so are our desires for housing. No matter what a client is seeking I’m there to help ensure that their home is the best possible choice for them. I love guiding people through the process and sharing with them what I know after 17 years of doing this. Sometimes, I surprise myself with what I know and more importantly what I DON’T know. The key with not knowing is having the strength to say, “I don’t know but I will find out.”

How awful it would be to tell a client something not true or unfounded when it involves that person trying to find a place called home, what a sour taste that would set in a mouth. You see I believe that many in my industry don’t think about the implications of what they are doing for their clients. It’s summed up in that last statement; what they are doing FOR…their clients. Being a REALTOR is not about commission, it is about service, it is about taking care of people first and then the money, the livelihood will take care of itself and will come in countless and unexpected joy.

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