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If you build it they will...hopefully come!

Oh boy, more sub-urban growth for southern Durham County.  My concern isn’t Jordan Lake; even though it is an emergancy water supply for the Bull City.  my worry isn’t the loss of rural charcter is the southern part of Durham.  Um…hello…rural character is gone, gone, gone, faster than you can see Streets at Southpoint Mall, Target or Melting Pot.  (all close to this proposed 751 South Devleopment.)

My worry is…wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…TRAFFIC.  Stagecoach Road between 751 and Farrington Road is a MESS at rush hour.  Fayetteville Road is a MESS at rush hour south of Southpoint, 751 if there is an accident is a MESS at rush hour and now, now we’re going to add som 1300 more homes and businesses. 

Ok, go for it Durham, I know that it is all about revenue.  Let’s just hope the economy recovers and the buyers come.

The Herald-Sun – Council extends growth line for 751 South.

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