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Best Foot Forward
So, the economy is soft. We all know that. We also know that in terms of spending money, the biggest spend that most of us ever make is our home. It is so important when selling a home, especially in this market with so FEW buyers that we put our best foot forward, the we being, home sellers and their agents.

Now more than ever condition, price and merchandising need to be spot on. In an economy of falling values the biggest challenge for me in the last three years has been determining value, the question being, where is value falling to?

Raleigh/Durham’s value didn’t tank until late in the recession/depression. Our values have fallen in the last year with the disappearance of first time home buyer tax credits. That credit was indeed propping up our market. I do think we’re at bottom. I pray we’re at bottom.

So, what’s a seller to do?
-Get those roof stains off the roof. They are unsightly and set a bad image in the buyer’s mind.
-Spruce up around the front door.
-De-clutter everything and everything. You’re moving so if you’re not using it, get rid of it.
-Paint, neutrals and for Heaven’s sake do not use semi-gloss or gloss on walls and ceilings; save those glosses for trim and passage doors to make the place pop.
-Smell, de-dog the home, de-litter box the home, de-diaper the home.
-Listen, really listen, if sound is an issue, mask that highway with some soft classical music and buffer your lot with evergreens.
-Keep your eye on price, both you and your agent should routinely evaluate what is selling in your neighborhood and what your competition is doing in terms of pricing and incentive.

Need more tips….email, text or phone me, I’ll be glad to help you.

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