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Here’s how the numbers look January 2018 vs. January 2019 in the Triangle Residential Real Estate Market

January 2018 closed sales

2172 closed sales, 30 average days on market, average list price $288,830; average sale price $284,544

January 2019 closed sales

1967 closed sales, 30 average days on market, average list price $304,496; average sale price $299,608


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Companies that will buy your home. I’m sure many of you have seen the ads for companies that will buy your home. They will if you’re willing to leave between 10%-12% of your equity on the table and even higher sometimes. So if you’re selling a $300,000 home in the Triangle, in a hot market where sellers aren’t really affected with too many repair issues and very short time on market then one of these schemes would cost roughly $30,000 in equity, measure this against $18,000 in commission and that’s $12,000 extra dollars coming out of your pocket.

**source Adventures in Real Estate Tech

Tax valuation notifications are out. Some of you might be a bit sticker shocked at what the county thinks your home is worth and of a potential for a property tax increase. The likelihood of an increase in the Triangle Region is good, however it should be nominal if past history is an indicator. Yes, your home ‘value’ may be up but the counties have historically reacted to this increase in ‘values’ by decreasing the tax rate. The rub here? The counties in North Carolina have until mid-year to set their rates. So now…we wait.

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