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Today is a happy day for Durham, NC., the Urban Merchant Center, eyesore, welfare home and murder scene is being demolished.  This horrible site, located just off the Durham Freeway (NC 147) on a gateway corner in downtown Durham, at the corner of Gregson/Vickers and Chapel Hill Streets; has pushed my fur the wrong way for years.

The now departed owner, Ronnie Sturdivant, used his sign at the front of the building to push his somewhat twisted agenda and personal vendettas.  Sadly, that agenda most likely got Ronnie killed at this very site.  To say the site was ugly is an understatement.  Rather the site was a constant reminder as to how easy it is for taxpayer monies to be squandered.  Durham County at one time paid a hefty price to house indigent at this site.  For years the site, directly across the street from the main Durham Police station was a thorn in the side of law enforcement too.   I say a hearty and heart felt GOOD BYE.

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Now one can hope that Greenfire can do its do and get the ball rolling with the old CCB tower, though I’m not sure that a hotel is what’s needed at that spot.  What I’d love to see is more properties developed for business incubation.

he Herald-Sun – Chesterfield partners sell bonds in time.

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