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The mystery of real estate…

So, I thought that I’d go a little wide today with respect to topic and focus in on exactly what it is that I do. I can certainly take on two roles as a REALTOR. I can be a listing agent; with my sign in the yard in front of a home and that of a buyer agent; introducing buyers to homes that may fit their criteria, which sounds simple doesn’t it?
So let’s break the two roles apart because they are very different which makes my choice of career very enjoyable and recently challenging. I will tackle this topic over several installments.

Listing agent:
• My primary responsibility is to determine what, if anything, are the value added features that would induce a customer to purchase any given home.
To that end, I must:
• Assist home sellers in pricing their homes by analyzing current market conditions. These conditions are both micro (local) and macro (non-local) factors that might affect home selling and buying.

These factors might include:
o Interest rates
o Employment
o Holidays
o War
o Market saturation
o Condition of the subject property
o Factors directly affecting marketability of the subject property.

 Overall neighborhood appeal
 Issues in proximity to the property
• Busy roadways
• Huge shopping centers
• Airports
• Rail road tracks
• Neighborhood “collectors” with junk cars, couches and perhaps even chickens in the yard.
and many other factors.
• Expose a seller’s home/property to the broadest spectrum of buyers possible
o Provide detailed and accurate information to those buyers and their agents.
• Report what the market reaction is to the property seller and then offer potential solutions to overcome stated objections.
Really that’s it in a nutshell. There are many tools in my arsenal to meet the ends of a fairly good listing agent. The challenge in the last two years has been an all but non-existent home buying consumer which has given me little if anything to report to my home sellers.

Next time…Helping Home Buyers, Buy.

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