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Renting and Leasing

According to CoStar Group, the #1 commercial real estate information group, almost every multifamily market saw strong leasing, rising demand and falling vacancy rates in the third quarter as the nations rental market continued a solid 2010 rally. As of now rentals should continue to surge over the next five years, with a growing supply of renters and very little new product in the planning and building pipeline.

Vacancy rates are above historical averages and in many multi-family communities robust incentives are being offered to move renters in. Still the national vacancy rate compiled from the 54 largest markets declined for a third straight quarter in 2010. Raleigh/Durham, Charlotte, Nashville and Dallas/Fort Worth have seen the highest demand and the sharpest decline in vacancy rates.

CoStar Group November 3, 2010

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All REALTORS are not created equal

Today I had opportunity to try to hire a REALTOR to manage my property in Carteret County near my folks and on the coast. I made inquiry last week and the agent was prompt, got the key, showed the house and was very rushed to get my home leased. Problematically for me, there was no mention of contract or compensation.

Today the details started to come together, again without details ironed out. The tenants terms were laid out which is fine. I then laid out my terms to the REALTOR in Carteret County. I informed them that I would pay x in commission, that I expected my AGENTS to make quarterly visits to my house and document those visits with digital photos, that I expected x in non-refundable pet deposit and that I would make x, y and z enhancements to the property for the tenant.

This is where I hit the wall. I was informed by the agent that; we charge ten percent commission and we don’t alter that ever; that’s cool, I get that. I was then informed that the non-refundable pet deposit would be placed in their company trust or escrow account even though this is NOT trust or security deposit money; this is a non-refundable deposit that I the owner require for the tenant to have an animal in my home. The tenant can NEVER get that money back; it is a fee for me bending my rules to accommodate the tenant. This agent informed me that it is their policy to always hold this money in trust. I was also informed that quarterly visits would not happen and that frankly my 10% commission to them was hardly worth them taking my business.

Suffice it to say, our interaction had become rather adversarial. I spoke to several close friends, I spoke to my folks and I prayed on it. So here is a REALTOR who is trying to earn my business, to put his best foot forward, to develop a “RELATIONSHIP” with me and yet he is not willing to really earn or appreciate my business. My dear friend Charles pointed out, “If he’s going to behave like this now, just imagine how he’ll act in four or five months.”

Wow, that clinched it. The agent at the beach offered and I’ve taken him up on it….I will manage my property myself thank you very much. Now we’ll see if he does indeed send me the name of the prospective tenant.

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